Heritage railway vehicle vacuum brake equipment and components

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for railway braking applications. Whatever the need, we will attempt to assist wherever possible.

Currently we focus on the heritage railway braking components. This includes vacuum brake overhaul kits, vacuum brake hoses, brake blocks and associated components.

Whilst we carry stock of the commonly used items, as listed below, we can also supply bespoke items.

Should you have any requirements for components not listed, please contact us.

Items listed are usually held in stock and available for same day despatch.

Available for All Cylinder sizes

Rolling Rings

  • Oversize rolling rings
  • Joint rings

Vacuum Brake Hoses

  • 2” Nom Bore x 30”
  • 2” Nom Bore x 33”
  • 2.5” Nom Bore x 26”
  • 2” Nom Bore x 21”
  • 1” Nom Bore x 24”
  • ¾” Nom Bore x 30”
  • ¾” Nom Bore x 14”

Cylinder Neck Ring Seals:

  • Standard Type (Top Hat Shape) c/w nylon insert Cover/retainer (cast aluminium, machined)
  • Old type "H" section neck ring 1½" I/D
  • Old type "H" section neck ring 1¾" I/D


  • Canvas Piston Rod Cover (Gaiter)
  • Release valve diaphragm 2½” O.D
  • Release Valve Oval Rubber Joint/Gasket
  • Vacuum coupling rubber washer
  • Swan neck (tapped 2” BSP)
  • 24” Vacuum Cylinder Guide Bush
  • Piston Rod
  • 21” Bronze Guide Bush
  • Steam Heat Rubber Seal
  • Release Valve Seat Washer
  • DA Valve Overhaul Kit